Minnesota House speaker: Democrats will be true to vision

February 3, 2020. ST. PAUL, Minn. — House Democrats will aggressively advance an agenda in the upcoming legislative session that clearly reflects their vision in hopes that Minnesota voters will agree and give Democrats sole control of state government in November, Speaker Melissa Hortman said Monday.

Excerpts from the article published in the Star Tribune:

Hortman said House Democrats believe they've already staked out the middle ground on contentious issues such as gun violence prevention and making insulin more affordable. The two gun proposals they'll continue to push this session — universal background checks on gun transfers and "red flag" legislation to let courts temporarily take guns away from people judged to be an immediate risk to themselves or others — are already working in Republican-led jurisdictions, she said.

"There are certainly proposals coming from the left that we could be talking about and pushing for, but you don't see us doing that," the Brooklyn Park lawmaker said. "You see us standing in the moderate middle ground, waiting for reasonable Republicans to step forward and join us."