Priorities for Melissa


Minnesota’s highly educated workforce is the backbone of our economic success and our high quality of life. It’s why our state is home to so many companies that compete well nationally and globally and why Minnesota’s employment rate outperforms the national average.

The 2013-2014 Legislature made historic investments in education. We paid back the money owed to our schools, invested in all-day, every-day kindergarten, provided more than $40 million in early learning scholarships and froze tuition for college students at our public colleges and universities after a decade of historic tuition increases.

Our state is back on the right track, but there is more work to be done. We must ensure that three and four year olds have access to quality early education and continue to address the problem of rising debt for our college students.

A Stronger Economy and Jobs

Minnesota’s economy is growing. We’ve recovered all of the jobs lost during the recession and more jobs are being created. Melissa supported investing $30 million in the Minnesota Investment Fund, which provides competitive loans to help bring new businesses to our state, helps existing businesses expand and create new jobs for Minnesotans.

In 2013, Melissa chief authored and passed into law a landmark clean energy and jobs bill that will create more solar energy jobs in our state and jump start economic growth in Minnesota’s solar energy industry. In 2014, Melissa chief authored and passed a law that will streamline the environmental permitting process, which will significantly cut down the time it takes businesses to get permits and provides more certainty for businesses that want to create jobs in Minnesota. It is projected that 11,000 Minnesota businesses will benefit from this law.

When it comes to jobs, there is always more that can be done. We must build on the progress we’ve made and continue to look at further investments to help existing businesses grow in our state and attract new businesses to Minnesota.

Women’s Economic Security Act

Melissa was proud to support the Women’s Economic Security Act. This act promotes equal pay for equal work, provides increased family leave, protects pregnant women and caregivers from discrimination in the workplace, enhances protection for victims of violence, and expands employment opportunities for women in high-wage, high-demand professions.

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